GE Prospeed II CT/e Dual Slice CT Scan

GE Prospeed II CT/e Dual Slice CT Scan


GE Prospeed II CT/e is Dual Slice CT Scan Machine with Advanced clinical applications

The features of this efficient medical equipment are as follows:

* Large 65cm gantry aperture
* Scan time full 360 degree 1, 1.5, 2.0 second
* 0.6,1,2,3,5,7,10 mm slice thickness
* Up to 200 mA possible
* Highlight solid-state detector
* CT/e tube with 2 MHU Tube
* 120,140 kVp
* HP LINUX System 8400
* Low power consumption (45 Kva)
* Options for Console

  • Fast Scan 1.0 Sec
  • Thickness 1 mm
  • Helical 60 Max
  • Raw data 5000 Max
  • Power 200mA Max
  • ImageDisk 100000
  • Thickness 0.6 mm
  • VolumeAnalysis2
  • VolumeRendering2
  • Navigator2

Benefits of using the GE Prospeed!! CT/e Dual Slice CT Scanner:

1.    Real-time image processing

2.    Fast scans and image reconstruction

3.    Easy-to-use operator console offering easy multitasking capability

Our refurbishing Process:

All our engineers are professionally trained according to OEM and refurbishing process is done with standard process.

As we receive equipment at our depot, physical and cosmetic condition of equipment is checked.  Then equipment staged on the platform and service begins. We check Image quality and replace required spares. Equipment is calibrated and test is performed with subject. Next comes painting and Re -assembling of the whole equipment. Every replacement, testing and servicing is properly recorded under the equipment history log. Ready machine is packed in wooden crate for delivery. After delivery, Installation is also done by our engineer at customer site.

Our stringent refurbishing process guarantees you value and confidence. When you purchase refurbished equipment from Soma Tech Pvt. Ltd, you will receive the quality, warranty and support from our system.

If you are looking for a Dual Slice Computed Tomography scanner in the market and are economically conscious, Soma Tech has got you covered. We offer fully refurbished, end to end service for every CT Scanner we house. We will walk through the entirety of your refurbished CT scanner purchase from beginning to end. We provide our machines with our 1-year warranty. If you would like to purchase any of our medical equipment products please contact +91 9813628180 or email us at

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