Establishing A New Cardiac Surgical Unit? – Overcome Challenges!

Establishing A New Cardiac Surgical Unit? – Overcome Challenges!

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Establishing a new cardiac surgical unit itself is a big challenge. With each day presenting newer and more complex health care challenges to doctors and surgeons, it has become vital to take many things into consideration when it comes to setting up a Cardiac surgical unit. A technically sound and well-equipped unit creates a quality needed to facilitate better health care and desired outcomes. There are several basic components of delivering quality-oriented health care such as Structure, Process, Outcome and Quality assurance. The structure itself includes the equipment plan and the machinery. In this regard, it is important to adhere to the local and international accreditation norms as well as relevant guidelines.

The equipment planning for a cardiac unit must be carried out carefully after detailed analysis. With the technology changing massively everyday, the process is difficult but not impossible. After setting up all equipment, establishing processes and protocols is the next move. Remember, a well-equipped cardiac unit which takes care of patients’ needs and also is flexible enough to accommodate newer technologies, is an evident necessity. Most importantly, all the investments made in terms of time, effort, infrastructure, and money should bring about the desired results.

Key equipment or systems needed to set up a cardiac unit include Diagnostic and Imaging, ECG machine, Ultrasound machine, Cardiac MRI machine, Stress Test System, Cath Lab, Defibrillator, Heart-lung machine, Heater Cooler machine, Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP), Surgical OT table, Anesthesia workstation, Ventilators, Patient monitors, etc. Before initiating the process of Cardiac unit establishment, it is, therefore, advisable to secure reliable support from a leading medical equipment supplier who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to facilitate a well-equipped system that caters to your requirements. Being a well-known medical equipment company in India, Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been instrumental in helping healthcare facilities to establish a new Cardiac surgical unit by using its expertise gained from years of experience.

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Call us on +91-99251 86973 or send us an email at to seek assistance that you can rely on. Being the reputable supplier for MRI systems and parts of MRI machine along with various Cardiac unit equipment, Medinnova team has gained considerable expertise in different aspects of site planning as well as the installation along with establishment of the Cardiac unit. Take advantage of our expertise.

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