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Disinfection And Sterilization Procedure For Maquet Servo I Ventilator
May 10, 2020

With the ability to efficiently handle the acute phases of respiratory distress and advanced level of monitoring capabilities, the Maquet Servo I Ventilator system delivers a high level of clinical performance for various environments from the ICU to the NICU departments. Such critical medical equipment must undergo routine cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, required as part of the standard precautions. It is important to carefully choose the products for disinfection. Key factors such as the effectiveness of the product, surface suitability and practicality must be taken into consideration. 

MAQUET SERVO I VENTILATOR – Disinfection Procedure

Wiping and Discarding - Clean and disinfect the equipment immediately after every use. Make sure not to leave foreign particles to dry on the equipment.

Rinse - Rinse all the parts of the equipment thoroughly in water so that water flows through all its parts. Notably, immediate rinsing helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

Disinfectant - Soak all parts of the equipment in disinfectants Ethyl, CIDEX OPA, Hexanios G+R, etc. for an appropriate time period.

Rinse - Remove all traces of disinfectants by rinsing all the parts thoroughly in water. Water should flow through all parts. It is advisable to shake and tilt the cassette, turn it upside and down and repeat the same procedure for at least five to seven times, in a very careful manner.  

Drying – You can simply shake and tilt the equipment. Do not dry the cassette by applying high-pressure air because it may damage equipment’s internal tubing.

MAQUET SERVO I VENTILATOR – Sterilization Procedure

Wiping and Discarding - Clean and disinfect equipment immediately after use. In case of using the Servo Duo Guard filter, wipe the ventilator and removable parts with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened in soap and water or detergent-based disinfectant.

Rinse - Rinse the cassette in the water gently.

Dry - To dry the equipment, you can shake and tilt it for several times. You can even use a drying cabinet.

Autoclave - Medical personnel should make sure that water does not remain inside the cassette before placing it in an Autoclave.

Drying alternatives - You can simply shake and tilt the equipment. Moreover, using a drying cabinet is advisable. Do not dry the cassette by applying high-pressure air because it may damage the internal tubing.

All medical personnel should be aware of the risk of parts being infected when disassembling and cleaning the ventilator. To explore more details and secure professional assistance for your refurbished medical equipment needs, call the sales team of Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. at +91-9099080947 or send an email at service@medinnovasystems.com.

Source: Service Manual of Maquet Servo I Ventilator