Is your Healthcare Facility ready for Covid-19 ? – Must Read!

Is your Healthcare Facility ready for Covid-19 ? – Must Read!

It is now the time to accurately and responsibly take precautions in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities especially when the world is struggling hard to fight the deadly Corona Virus. Everything from maintaining the original condition and function of medical equipment with preventive maintenance, repairing unused equipment to make them work best during this crucial period, facilitating sanitization processes, maintaining cleanliness to taking care of the medical staff whose efforts and dedication cannot be defined in words, is vital to save lives.

Role Of Well-maintained Medical Equipment!

The lack of critical medical treatment hampers medical professionals’ ability to treat the severe conditions caused by the pandemic Corona Virus. COVID-19 adversely affects the lung function of patients sometimes; the first and immediate step to be taken is to put the patient on Oxygen. If this is not enough, patients are put on a Ventilator. But there is a critical shortage of Ventilators and other essential medical equipment such as Patient Monitor, etc. with the surge of people needing intensive care. Undoubtedly, efforts are being made to address the massive need by increasing volumes of critical care equipment production. On the other side, there are many healthcare facilities which have Ventilators and other important medical equipment but not in good condition. The medical waste is no longer an option when the world is struggling to combat COVID-19. It is critical to modify practices to reduce medical equipment wastage and make your healthcare facility ready for COVID-19 emergency, by restoring the function of critical medical equipment and helping the humanity to win the battle over COVID-19.

Role of Infection Prevention Kit For Medical Staff!

Role of Doctors, nurses, cleaners and other medical staff too is a significant one. They risk their mental and physical health for humanity. Healthcare facilities, therefore, must make sure that they have an infection prevention kit for their staff members too.

Take Measures Now!

Every medical supplier recognizes the current situation and is eager to support healthcare professionals in any way possible in this unprecedented time. It is now the time to act quickly and collaborate to the efforts to save lives.

Prepare Your Healthcare Facility For COVID-19 Pandemic With Invaluable,

  1. Ventilator Support
  2. Patient Monitor Support
  3. Defibrillator, Infusion Pump, and many more…

Get Connected To The Trusted And Well-known Medical Ventilator Suppliers In India Today!

With customizable service options that suit the demands of healthcare facilities, Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading medical equipment company in India, offers repairing, preventive maintenance and all types of clinical and technical support to healthcare facilities so as to empower them to fight the pandemic. Apart from providing refurbished medical equipment, Medinnova also has its own Service Division which is dedicated to the concept of sustainable medical resources by repairing various equipment such as Ventilator, Patient Monitor System, Defibrillator, etc. while maintaining their original function and true value. To explore more details, call our Sales Team today at +91-9925186973 or send us an email at

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