Surgical Excellence: Exploring the MAQUET ALPHAMAXX

Surgical Excellence: Exploring the MAQUET ALPHAMAXX

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The MAQUET ALPHAMAXX surgical table redefines precision, versatility, and user-friendliness with its cutting-edge features and meticulous specifications. When you consider refurbished options for surgical table, the advantages could be equally compelling. The surgical table comes with superior quality and cost-savings. 

Diverse Applications

The MAQUET ALPHAMAXX can cater to a wide range of surgical procedures across different healthcare facilities or medical specialities. Be it gynecological, cardiovascular, neurosurgery or other procedures, the operating table can seamlessly meet your requirements. It is versatile for any operating room. It helps healthcare professionals to achieve optimal patient positioning. The surgical access facilitated by this table is incredibly reliable.


This surgical table has user-friendly design. It prioritizes ease for both the surgeons as well as support staff. It is equipped with ergonomic adjustments and intuitive controls that enable precise and swift patient positioning. This, in turn, helps to improve surgical efficiency as well as workflow. Additionally, there is a great level of mobility that again allows for easy maneuverability in or within the operating room.

Specifications & Features

  • The MAQUET ALPHAMAXX features a robust construction. It ensures durability and stability during the surgical procedures. It has sturdy design which makes it a reliable medical asset especially in a demanding surgical environment. It gives peace of mind to patients and surgeons alike.
  • The table offers a wide range of adjustable parameters such as tilt, height, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg positioning or reverse Trendelenburg positioning, etc. and thus a great flexibility. Surgeons are able to precisely position patients as per their requirements. This surgical table could help to maximize surgical outcomes.
  • It is equipped with radiolucent tabletop sections. It offers intraoperative imaging without obstructing X-ray views. Thus, surgeons could get real-time visualization during the surgical procedures. The outcomes are accurate surgical navigation, and better decision-making that contributes to patient care and safety.
  • In every surgical setting, patient safety is crucial and the MAQUET ALPHAMAXX addresses this. It is equipped with the integrated patient restraint systems which ensure secure positioning throughout the procedures. The surgical table can minimize the risks associated with movement complications.
  • It is powered by a cutting-edge electro-hydraulic control system which offers responsive adjustments. Surgeons can adjust positioning parameters to enhance procedural accuracy.

At Medinnova, a trusted medical equipment company in India, we understand the significant role played by quality-driven, regulatory compliant and cost-effective medical equipment solutions that keep patient safety at the center. Our refurbished MAQUET ALPHAMAXX operating tables have undergone a comprehensive refurbishment process to ensure optimal performance and reliability. When it comes to investing in any surgical equipment, important factors are quality, safety, and affordability. Medinnova stands out as an ideal choice for purchasing refurbished surgical table, which is inspected, serviced or tested to provide you with peace of mind. When you choose to invest in refurbished surgical table, you choose to acquire top-notch equipment that meets your needs, without compromising on quality. Medinnova also ensures parts availability to address repair or maintenance needs. Our team of experienced professionals provides tailored service and support throughout the lifespan of medical equipment including surgical table.

Choose Medinnova, refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India, choose quality, patient safety, affordability and parts availability. To know more, call on +91 95121 06062 or send an email to

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