Recent Healthcare Industry Trends

Recent Healthcare Industry Trends

Medical Equipment

‘Anywhere, anytime healthcare’; this is the vision of the entire nation and the world. The current trends in the healthcare industry, especially with respect to medical device industry in India, indicate higher contribution in this regard. Today, many eminent medical device providers offer innovative technological solutions to improve the healthcare service quality and thus help doctors and patients in new ways.

Here are top technology trends that have great implications for the healthcare world.


Being one of the fastest-growing fields in the healthcare, it opens many opportunities to not only improve the quality of treatment but also enhance flexibility and control. Robotics surgeries help doctors to perform complex procedures with more precision and flexibility. Robot-assisted surgery is the minimally invasive procedure. Moreover, robots are used in medical manufacturing processes starting from production to packaging to enhance productivity and efficiency of the system. Robots possess enormous potential.

Big Data

A large set of complex data is generated in the medical device industry. It has a significant clinical impact. This data can be used to uncover deep insights and also solve healthcare problems with predictive analytics. This technology allows healthcare experts to learn from experience and thus predict future trends. The purpose is to improve patient outcomes and quality of healthcare. Big data advocates prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analysis to enhance patient care, boost workforce productivity, and also improve revenue streams.

Educational Programmes

The healthcare field demands well-educated, trained and committed professionals. To that effect, many educational institutions have been established to provide comprehensive training in the medical device field. Even the government has taken multiple initiatives to fund the expansion of educational institutes and set up new medical colleges. The efforts will certainly increase medical students’ capacity and prepare the healthcare workforce for what comes next.


Telemedicine technology offers healthcare using digital devicesto assess if the patient needs in-person treatment, provide basic medical care, renew or write prescriptions, etc. The government launched Telemedicine Guidelines of India as a road map for the regularisation and diversification of teleconsultation.


Indian start-ups and SMEs contribute to a large sector of healthcare industry trends. They are revolutionizing healthcare in the nation. India’s health tech sector was valued at US$1.9 billion in 2020. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% to touch a staggering US$50 billion by 2033, according to the statistics.

New and evolving technology is being used everywhere in the healthcare world for fighting illness, developing new medicines, facilitating flexibility in surgeries and helping people to live a healthy life. At the same time, many refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India are contributing with quality-driven refurbished medical equipment to make healthcare more affordable and more accessible.  Medinnova is a top-notch medical equipment company in India offering comprehensive medical equipment assistance. To explore more details, call on +91 95121 06062 or send an email to

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