Philips HeartStart MRx – Specifications & Features

Philips HeartStart MRx – Specifications & Features


The advanced life support defibrillators offered by Philips are equipped with multiple capabilities that provide excellent diagnostics, industry-leading monitoring system and life-saving treatment without wasting the extremely critical time of a patient’s life. Its defibrillators make the process of saving lives as easier as possible.

The Philips HeartStart MRx system is a leading defibrillator technology, thoughtfully designed and equipped with superb diagnostic measurements and patient monitor system with a larger screen as an added advantage. It provides many advantages important to EMS healthcare providers. Its largest color display, quick response, balanced shape, low weight, compact size, and long battery-powered operating time are some of its striking features. It seamlessly provides best patient monitoring, excellent diagnostic measurements and also facilitates proven resuscitation therapies. The machine is equipped with plenty of reliable, flexible and quick transmission capabilities. It is possible for users to send data using specific technologies to various platforms such as Cath Lab, ED, smartphone of a Cardiologist, etc. The device thus facilitates the advanced level of healthcare. The surprising fact about the Philips HeartStart MRX system is that it has the advanced DXL 12-Lead ECG algorithm, which enables confident decision making for medical practitioners.

Interestingly, the defibrillator systems have been designed in such a way that they can endure various environmental conditions. Its easy-to-use interface which helps to deliver a quick response is one of its amazing features. Standardized cables, alarms and inter-changeable accessories enhance the ease of use. It is possible to customize the appearance of waveforms and measurements. Users can also organize the screen as per preferences. The on-screen menus simplify the entire navigation process. Moreover, the device has been built on a scalable platform; as a result, healthcare facilities can easily upgrade and take the best advantage of Philips defibrillator advancements with the same weight and footprint.

To assist healthcare providers in performing quality CPR, Medinnova Systems Pvt. Ltd. has turned up with the high-quality Philips HeartStart MRx system. It also specializes in serving customers with all-inclusive technical and non-technical support with respect to equipments’ use, maintenance, quality checks, etc. For more inquiry, connect with our Sales Team today at +91-9925186973 or send us an email at

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