MRI Machine Troubleshooting Facts

MRI Machine Troubleshooting Facts


Managing well-known and trusted healthcare facility is a difficult and challenging thing unless you have the right medical equipment support. One of the biggest challenges is having good understanding of troubleshooting medical equipment to keep your healthcare services running smoothly. If you have MRI scanner in your facility, you need to find a comprehensive support system which you can rely on in terms of facilitating uninterrupted healthcare operations and positive patient outcomes. Troubleshooting MRI scanner is a complex procedure. It is something that every healthcare professional or staff member knows. But there are practical solutions – one of the smartest solutions is hiring the most reputable refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India.

Take A Quick Glance At Some Of The Key Troubleshooting Solutions.

Low Helium Level

Lower helium level alert means the system has not been monitored in a way it should be. It can also mean that the cooling system of your MRI machine has experienced some kind of failure which causes the helium to burn off more quickly. It is advisable to schedule a fill immediately. Remember, providing consistent, quality care and immediate healthcare assistance to your patient is a top-most priority. Your medical equipment help you to fulfill this objective. To make sure every equipment works efficiently and contributes to positive patient outcome, it is advisable to regularly carry out preventive maintenance by the team of experienced, skilled and dedicated Bio-medical Engineers. Prompt and quality medical equipment service can be secured easily with Medinnova.

Power Outages

If your healthcare staff have observed that your MRI system is shutting down, they need to immediately check the breakers. Such problems typically arise due to bad weather conditions or a storm. It is important to reset the breakers for the section of the area where the system has been located in order to resolve this issue. As it is imperative to ensure your machine runs efficiently and quickly and as weather is unpredictable, every medical facility should know where appropriate breakers are situated. Prevention is better than care. This is the principle Medinnova follows by offering a comprehensive medical equipment preventive maintenance service.

Image Artifacts

The wear and tear of MRI machine coils can create problems in images. While it is often believed that the components of MRI create image artifacts problems, the issue originates from coils. Such circumstances require medical facilities to fix their imaging problems by getting coils repaired from an experienced, knowledgeable and certified team of Bio-medical Engineer. Some reputable medical equipment company in India may also provide you alternate solutions while your devices are being repaired. It is important that you partner with a well-known and trustworthy service provider beforehand so that prompt equipment assistance can be obtained and efficient equipment lifecycle management can be facilitated.

Heat Exchanger Temperature

MRI system or machine stops scanning when the water that pumps through the system is too hot. It is important to bring it back to specified levels. Make sure your team knows who it should contact. The process usually requires professionals to check the heat exchanger, the breaker, the incoming water line and the type of temperature maintained. To prevent such problems, MRI systems need to undergo regular check-ups or preventive maintenance.

Every MRI system experiences problems at any period of time. The most important thing you should remember is there is always a solution, a feasible, cost-efficient, patient-centric and quality-driven solution which you can obtain with just a professional help.

Medinnova – Your One-Source, Customized, Quality-Driven Medical Equipment Solution Provider.

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