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MAQUET Datascope CS100 IABP
Aug 20, 2018

The Intra Aortic Balloon is use to increase myocardial oxygen supply and decrease myocardial oxygen demand. A flexible catheter with a polyethylene balloon mounted on its end is inserted, usually through the femoral artery, and passed into the descending thoracic aorta. Balloon inflates during diastole, causes ‘volume displacement’ of blood within the aorta, both proximally and distally. This leads to a potential increase in coronary blood flow and deflates during systole.


Maquet CS100 IABP comes with INTELLISYNC™, offers one-button startup, automatically adapting to changing conditions, automatic track arrhythmia, making it the right choice for any patient condition. This device automatically evaluates and selects optimal trigger source and lead, sets inflation at the dicrotic notch and deflates the balloon at the start of systole. It responds to changes in signal quality by selecting a new trigger source. The system offers consistent support for patients with PVCs and arrhythmias, has fast pneumatics, eliminates alarms due to ESU noise, and is easy to use with a reduced need for user intervention. A bright, full-colour monitor displays crisp, clean waveforms. The device is marketed for use in the cath lab, CCU the OR. Whether in the cath lab, the CCU, or the OR, CS100 helps the clinician to focus on the patient, not the pump.


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