Key Features Of Maquet Alphastar Pro Surgical Table

Maquet Alphastar Pro Surgical Table

Key Features Of Maquet Alphastar Pro Surgical Table

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The Maquet Alphastar Pro surgical table has a significant role in the healthcare setting as it helps Doctors or Surgeons to keep patients in the right position or place throughout the procedure. Here are its key features:

  1. Height Adjustability- It has two versions of height to make it easier for the surgeon to perform their medical treatments. The normal version is between 27 to 44 inches and the low version comes in size from 23.5 to 37 inches.
  2. The surgical table comes in a uniform mounting point so that it can be positioned in flexible ways as simply as the surgeon wants.
  3. The easy-to-click mounting point and wide range of socket-mounted modules allow the surgeon to comfortably adapt to wide options of surgical tasks according to the height of the patient.
  4. The backlit keypad and self-explanatory guide make it easier for the surgeon to perform in a darkened MIS theater.

Benefits of Maquet Alphastar Pro Surgical Table

Here are a few benefits of surgical tables-

  1. The Maquet Alphastar Pro surgical table comes with unique adjustable features allowing surgeons to position their patients according to the need.
  2. The Maquet Alphastar Pro surgical table is compatible with imaging technologies such as X-rays or C-arms. This allows the surgeon to perform treatment with real-imaging assistance.
  3. This surgical table is designed for patient safety and comfort and comes with certain features like secure straps and ergonomic designs to contribute to the well-being of the patient.
  4. It is manufactured using top-quality materials to make it durable and stable for performing medical treatments.

Specialized Application of the Surgical Table

The surgical table comes with various specialized applications such as:

  • The Maquet Alphastar Pro surgical table can be used in orthopedic surgeries such as in fracture repair or limb traction.
  • These tables have specialized application in carrying out cranial procedures as they allow for precise alignment during tumor removal.
  • The Maquet Alphastar Pro surgical table can be used for treating angioplasty surgery or stent placement.
  • Many gynecologists use the Maquet Alphastar Pro surgical table for enhancing medical treatments such as hysterectomy or other reproductive surgeries.

Purpose of Ergonomics Design in Medical Devices

The surgical table is designed in a way to improve the surgeon’s patient treatment, reduce the physical strain and improve ergonomics. These devices can help surgeons work in a more efficient manner with lesser mental fatigue which can directly enhance the quality of life of the patient as well. Using ergonomics design in medical devices allows the manufacturer to make lightweight medical devices which also reduces the strain on the surgeon’s hands.

Maintenance and Care Tips 

  • Adhere to all guidelines explained by the manufacturer or the supplier to make it work efficiently and safely.
  • Conduct regular inspections to identify any wear and tear or damages.
  • It is recommended to carry out proper cleaning and disinfecting methods to ensure patient safety and comfort.

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