ERBE VIO 300D – Facilitating Optimal Endoscopic Patient Outcomes

ERBE VIO 300D – Facilitating Optimal Endoscopic Patient Outcomes

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The ERBE VIO 300D, an electrosurgical cautery system equipped with all the advanced features, offers low dosages of power for coagulation and cut modes. The power peak system allows for the cutting tool to stay in contact with the tissue. Its remarkable spark recognition makes it possible to detect micro-electric arcs and thus control the cutting. The device can serve as a standalone generator and is highly recommended for more advanced endoscopic procedures. Itcan support the most advanced interventions.

Explore The Advanced Features

Plug and play

The technology helps to configure the whole system to one’s unique requirements automatically. Precise power output can be easily adjusted to individual requirements.


A remote control facilitates improved convenience by allowing one to alternate between pre-selected instruments and anatomy settings autonomously. There are no staff adjustments needed.

Focus view

The feature helps to simplify the operation of the unit by effectively reducing the visual information to the essential details.

Pre view

The display shows real-time, precise and accurate graphic description of tissue effects with different parameters, during and throughout activation.

Enhanced cut and coat functions

The system facilitates customizable modes and waveforms for therapeutic intervention. The cutting results are independent of the speed, tissue type and shape of electrode. The system offers highly efficient and optimally adjusted power output.


The device is equipped with Neutral Electrode Safety System which helps to monitor neutral electrode, give warning of critical situations and thus prevent burns. The effectiveness of monitoring depends on Nessy settings.

Neutral Electrode Socket

It is equipped with indicator lights. It has different set-ups such as Dynamic, Dual Surface, Either Way and Single Surface which allow users to optimally utilize the advanced monitoring functions. The system is equipped with extra safety features for patients especially those with specific skin resistance. The front panel and the menus are designed in such a way that the system automatically monitors and signals illogical or incomplete settings.

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