Comprehensive Service/Maintenance Solutions for GE MRI Machine

MRI Machine

Comprehensive Service/Maintenance Solutions for GE MRI Machine


The MRI machine redefines diagnostic precision and treatment efficiency. MRI machine not only helps to identify medical conditions but also guide therapeutic interventions. The role of reliable MRI systems is paramount. At Medinnova, we offer high-quality refurbished MRI machines and also a suite of services that support you to achieve consistent imaging experience and patient safety.  Partnering with Medinnova can help you achieve rewarding and seamless MRI experience.

All-inclusive Solutions, Tailored to Your Needs

The team Medinnova offers comprehensive MRI solutions. From initial system selection to installation, shimming, calibrations and after-sales support, our full spectrum of services can be customized to your requirements. We have a team of experienced Engineers dedicated to ensuring that your GE MRI systems consistently delivers efficient and safe performance and clear image quality. Our team aims at maximizing uptime while minimizing unexpected costs.

  • Pre-cooling: Initial temperature stabilization.
  • Installation & De-Installation: Professional setup and dismantling of MRI systems.
  • Helium Filling: To Ensure proper helium levels for sustained functionality.
  • Shimming: Optimizing magnetic field homogeneity for precise imaging.
  • Quench Recovery: Prompt response to an unexpected loss of superconductivity, to prevent damage to the MRI.
  • Cold Head Replacement: The cooling system replacement to maintain optimal operating conditions.
  • Coil Repair & Calibrations: Maintenance and adjustment of coils for the improved imaging.
  • Relocating MRI: Safe transfer of MRI systems to new locations.
  • Field Service: On-site maintenance and support for MRI equipment.
  • Storage & Rigging: Adequate storage and proper handling of MRI components during transport.
  • RF Shielding & Testing: Installation and testing of electromagnetic shielding for accurate scans.
  • Application Training: Instruction in utilizing MRI software and technology for effective and safe diagnosis and research.

Inventory, Warranty Assurance

Medinnova, one of the leading refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India, has an extensive inventory of all medical equipment and their parts, rigorously tested and backed by warranty. We provide a wide range of tools for installation, maintenance and services of GE MRI systems.  Medinnova aims at guaranteeing reliability and longevity for GE MRI system. Our primary focus is to make sure your imaging operations remain safe and quality-driven, for your patients and your hospital environment.

24/7 Technical Support

Downtime is not an option when it comes to timely treatment and patient safety. Our dedicated team of Biomedical Engineers provides round-the-clock field service and technical support to bring about prompt resolution of every issue that may arise. With Medinnova by your side, you can rest assured.

Flexible Maintenance or Service Plans

We understand that every healthcare facility has its own requirements related to equipments, maintenance, service, etc. Hence, we offer comprehensive maintenance or service plans designed to meet your needs, and budgetary considerations. Whether you need emergency repairs, annual maintenance or comprehensive service agreements, we have got you covered completely.

Rental Solutions for Enhanced Flexibility

Facilities in need of temporary equipment or specialized tool, can take advantage of Medinnova’s comprehensive rental services. Empower your healthcare facility with Medinnova’s end-to-end GE MRI machine support.


To explore more details on how your trusted medical equipment company in India, Medinnova, can help you with customized medical equipment support, call us on +91-99251 86973 or send us an email at to seek assistance that you can rely on.

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