Applications of Rigid Endoscopy in Various Healthcare Specialties

Applications of Rigid Endoscopy in Various Healthcare Specialties

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A rigid Endoscope is a metal tube that contains a series of lenses, fiber optics, or video chips for image transmission and fiber optic bundles to deliver light. They offer the best image quality & resolution. Rigid Endoscopes are medical devices that are used in urology, gynecology, arthroscopy, endoscopic spine surgery, and ENT medical surgeries. They are large with diameters from 1 to 12 mm and are forward viewing or angled at 0-120 degrees to facilitate the vision out of the axis of the telescope and increase the FOV by rotating the instrument.


Rigid Endoscopes are used by health surgeons to look inside joints and body cavities that otherwise can only be examined by a rigid and invasive procedure. The health surgeons use the camera system to see a magnified image of the affected area. They have a convex glass lens system where the small glass lenses are differentiated by large air spaces.


Application of Rigid Endoscopes


Rigid endoscopes revolutionized the medical healthcare by being an alternative solution for long medical procedures. It has proved to be beneficial for thousands of patients around the world and has helped in various applications such as:


  1. It is used for biopsy and exploration of the organs like liver, prostate pancreas, small intestines, kidney, and lymph nodes.
  2. Rigid endoscopes are used for examination of the thorax and chest.
  3. It is used for the detection and staging of diagnosis of cancer patients.
  4. Rigid Endoscopy is also used to examine biopsies for organs like the urinary bladder, nose, and ears.


Benefits of Rigid Endoscopy 


Adopting rigid endoscopy in medical care has several advantages like-


  • It is a minimally invasive process that avoids the need for large medical equipment which might result in scarring or trauma. Pursuing rigid endoscopy reduces the risk of complications and gives a faster recovery speed to the patients.
  • The enhanced visualization with the correct use of rigid endoscopy provides the health surgeons with a detailed and magnified view of the target area. It improves the diagnosis and leads to better patient outcomes.
  • Pursuing rigid endoscopy leads to reduced health care costs as the procedure of the surgery through rigid endoscopy is shorter and quicker. Therefore, it has become a cost-effective alternative for medical health professionals.


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