Advanced Features Of Drager Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine

Advanced Features Of Drager Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine


Anesthesia machine, which has come a long way in the past years, plays a significant role in the healthcare industry. For years, the improvements have been made in the system for enhanced patient safety and even functionality. Deliver oxygen (O2) and anesthetic gases, remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the breathing system and provide controlled ventilation, are the most important functions of an anesthesia machine.

The Drager Fabius GS is a highly efficient and feature-rich anesthesia workstation, customized to meet exact requirements of practitioners who need advanced ventilation technology. This system undoubtedly opens new frontiers in ventilation performance and also maintains appropriate functionality. Its advanced features are as follows:

  1. The anesthesia machine has a powerful and accurate ventilator system. All major ventilation modes like volume control, pressure control and even SIMV/PS, can be supported. Its compact breathing system, optional heater and low-flow ventilation system makes it a preferred choice.
  2. The equipment has high contract colour monitor which displays ventilation parameters and even curves accurately. Individual gas flows and total gas flows are shown by virtual flow tubes and mechanical tubes, respectively. Notably, the total gas flow can be seen even during unexpected events such as power failure, etc.
  3. The Drager Fabius GS machine comes with a trolley which features easy workstation positioning. There is an additional storage space for equipment along with a table for documentation. Depending on requirements, compact breathing system can be mounted on both the sides. Interestingly, there is an integrated illumination support as well.
  4. It has inbuilt low flow O2 meter
  5. We can digitally measure the flow and easily control the flow with knob.
  6. It features total fresh gas outlet flow meter till 10 Liters.
  7. Drager Fabius GS is an accurate anesthesia machine with descending bellow technology and reusable canister.

Drager Fabius GS consists of a wide range of ventilation capabilities which cover majority of operating room applications. It thus provides great performance and exceptional flexibility. This anesthesia workstation combines time tested design concepts with modern digital technology. As a result, it is highly efficient.  Some of its striking features include electronic gas-flow measurement, proven ventilation versatility, convenient breathing system and even intelligent cable management.

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