Equipment Service

Casual Service

Under our certified calibration, repair and quality monitoring service, we provide 24/7 technical support to reduce unexpected equipment downtime, and deliver superior patient care. Our proactive approach involving highest industry regulatory standard helps us to accelerate response time and reduce expensive parts replacement costs.

Outsourcing equipment casual repair service for the whole installation base of biomedical technology can be beneficial to both the facility and patient.

AMC Service

Our Service, Your Patient Care! AMC for your medical Equipment

When it’s about healthcare facilities, safety, regulatory compliance, effectiveness and quality are the priority. Quality performance of any equipment depends on its periodic check and routine maintenance. Medinnova System Pvt. Ltd. gives invaluable Technical Support to every customer to ensure optimum performance of equipment. Beyond essential recalibration and support, we provide service contracts to ensure that your investment value extends beyond your expectations. Our expert clinical engineering services are designed to optimise equipment performance and ensure client satisfaction.

Our service options are customizable to suit the demands of your operation.

  • Performance check of equipment by regular testing and calibration to ensure patient safety and increase uptime
  • Increased longevity and lifespan of the equipment
  • Technical guidance whenever required
  • Scheduled Preventative maintenance to avoid breakdowns
  • This maintenance solution also adds tremendous value addition to the Life cycle cost of the equipment
  • AMC customers save on spares as a result of preferential rates offered
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified independent service providers.
  • Vast experience of service and support since 2006.
  • Core team of trained and experienced engineers supports our depot services and field service network.
  • Safety inspection is performed to prevent possibility of any accidents.
  • We perform operational checks of all system functions as per OEM specifications.
  • Ensure integrity of each unit and Perform diagnostic checks of device’s internal components.
  • Authentic Service reports for documentation and traceability.
  • We convey reliable and cost effective specialized service that ensure best uptime and execution.
  • We offer remote specialized service ensuring you can rely on us when you need us the most.
  • Field support force is accessible dependent on your business necessities.
  • Round the clock Online Technical Support
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