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The Xenox RF1000 is a compact and versatile remote controlled tilt table for radiological, angiographic and fluoroscopic examinations.

Patient weight up to 300 kg
Tilting table with progressive start +90°/ -20°
Tilt speed 4°/sec
Lateral movement (max. speed 3 cm/sec) ±11.5 cm
Sheet film distance 7.5 cm
Film-image intensifier distance 7.5 cm
Movement column (max. speed 13 cm/sec) 140 cm
Manual rotation of the X-ray tube ± 90°
Focus film distance (max. speed 3 cm/sec) from 107 cm to 153 cm
Pipe angulation ±30°
Motorized compression 70n / 80n / 80n / 90n
Step by step angiography
Prepared for receiving image intensifiers from 9″, 12″, 14″ & 16″
tomographic function
Linear tomographic flat plane
Tomographic angles 8° – 15° – 30° – 30° – 40°
4 selectable tomographic speeds
SFD electronic, automatic
SFD enables fast serial exposures
Cassettes from both directions from 18×24 cm to 35×43 cm
Transition time between fluorine and X-ray exposure approx. 1 second.
Motorized spreading grid
It is possible to make radio and tomo recordings on a single film
Collimator predisposition check X-ray tube compatibility
Checking the tubing compatibility with the collimator

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