Xenox M100


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The Xenox RF1000 is a compact and versatile remote controlled tilt table... Read More


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The Xenox M100 is a fully digital, motor-driven mobile X-ray with an amorphous silicon flat panel. In the Xenox M100, the High-Frequency Stable Operating Technology provides the stability to generate quadrate waves to give better penetration for the tube. The tube and main unit are protected against overheating by a safety circuit that constantly monitors the tube’s heat capacity.

• 32KW rated power suitable for wide clinical applications
• Telescopic Arm for different X-Ray positions
• User-friendly workstation with 19” touch screen Display
• Advanced APR function
• Advanced WIFI Flat Panel Technology-Amorphous Silicon
• 240 exposures with one time battery charge
• Fast bedside imaging
• Automatic image processing
• Multiple peripheries including USB, DICOM
• Cutting-edge image quality
• Intelligent anti-collision design

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