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Lumax 25 is a dual LED surgical light system with excellent performance that meets... Read More


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Lumax 25 is a dual LED surgical light system with excellent performance that meets the ever-growing user needs in various surgical fields, including General Surgery, Microsurgery, ENT, OB/Gyn., Orthopedics and Cosmetic Surgery. Also available as a single dome version as Lumax 15.

Streamlined surfaces conform to the “teardrop shape” of international wind resistance standards.
Very expressive with integrated aesthetic and technological factors to effectively reduce turbulence and resistance of the light
Beam shaping technology
Independent condenser combination for each LED lamp to precisely control the LED light, avoiding glare while ensuring maximum performance of the double reflection system
The adjustable focus handle controls the projection angle of the LED light and easily adjusts the flare size and optical focal length
The light is stimulated by a light-emitting diode that is free of heavy metals without polluting the environment
Universal 6-bar suspension system with complete and accurate positioning without displacements
The average lamp life is up to 50,000 hours or more
Excellent optical performance, the luminance easily ranges from 130,000~160,000 Lx
The circuit with long life and high stability supports multi-level dimming
Optional built-in camera systems: arm and wall mounted

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