LED-Monitor ENM-20-Series


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The ENM-20 monitor series is ideal for endoscopy.... Read More


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The ENM-20 monitor series is ideal for endoscopy.
With frontal IP65 protection, these screens have their
strongest use where hygiene is of the utmost importance.
With FHD and 4K resolution, brilliant color reproduction
and an optional touch panel, these monitors represent the
perfect endoscopy solution. They are available as 21-, 24-, 27-, 32-, 43- and 55-inch monitors
and offer the original resolution . Thanks to the high contrast and good panel brightness,
the screens also meet all the technical requirements to ensure perfect image and
data reproduction.

Medically certified monitor
Up to 55 inch with 4K resolution
Flat surface for wipe-down disinfection

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No details available

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