Steris Amsco 3085SP Surgical Table

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Product Description

The steris Amsco 3085SP has 1,000 lbs weight limit. 3085 Surgical Table has ability not only to support the patient in Normal Orientation, but also to raise, lower, and posture the patient using the standard table controls, with the exception of side tilt.

  • Features

Rated to support 1,000 lbs (454 kg) weight limit with safety factors.

A 500 lb (227 kg) rating applies to side tilt in Normal Orientation and all Reverse Patient Orientation.

Trendelenburg: 25°.

Reverse Trendelenburg: 25°.

Height: 27” to 44”.

Side Tilt: 18°.

Back: 55°.

Leg: 80° up and 105° down.

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