Luxtec 9300 XDP/XSP Headlight System

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Product Description

The 9300XDP/XSP is the brightest light source available. It can be visualized more clearly, color can be seen more accurately, and work more effectively. Luxtec’s Xenon lighting delivers bright, white light that is as close to daylight as possible in an artificial setting. Its color temperature is far closer to the sun’s than Halogen’s yellow tone, or the blue tone of Metal Halide light sources.

  • Features

300W Xenon Lamp outshines metal halide and halogen lamps.

White light delivers true color representation of tissues

Delivers cool white IR filtered light.

One Rotating Turret for compatibility with most industry standard cable fittings.

Lamp Age Meter indicates when to replace lamp.

Mounts to Luxtec Universal Floorstand for safe maneuverability.

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