Zeiss OPMI MDU on S5 Stand

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Product Description

Used primarily for Cataract and other Ophthalmic procedures, this scope is also designed to be used for other disciplines, such as Hand/Plastic surgery. It has removable optical components that allow for a face to face bridge. The MDU delivers a very consistent red reflex and great Zeiss optical clarity. The S5 microscope is a compact, manually balanced stand.

  • Features

Great Optical Clarity.

Usable for Multiple Disciplines.

Zeiss Opmi MDU.

Zeiss XY2.

Zeiss F170 0-180 degree inclinable binos.

Zeiss F170 Inclined binos.

4 10x widefield eyepieces.

Zeiss beamsplitter.

Multi-axis stereo observer tube.

Zeiss objective lens 175mm.

Zeiss S5 floorstand.

Zeiss footswitch. Sterilizable covers.

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