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Drager Narkomed 6000 Series Anesthesia Machine

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Product Description

The Drager Narkomed 6000 series is designed with a color touch display screen for all ventilator parameters including built in gas analysis. The vaporizers are found on the left side of the machine with two positioning options. The equipment includes one drawer and a built in auxiliary oxygen flow meter. The Divan ventilator is an advanced electronic anesthesia ventilator. It has an integrated compact breathing system and absorber. The operator control panel is easily accessible.

  • Features

Leak Detection by automatically checking for leaks in the breathing system and hoses

The Compact Breathing System provides enhanced pediatric and low flow performance by minimizing the potential for leaks from connections and reducing total volume. The breathing system is also heated to prevent condensation of moisture in the system and provide a warm, humidified gas to the patient

An Absorber is a single canister system for absorbing exhaled carbon dioxide in the rebreathing circuit

The APL Valve limits the maximum pressure during manual ventilation. It also exhausts excess gas into the scavenger system during manual and spontaneous ventilation

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