Medinnova exports Cardiac OT Equipment


Medinnova exports Cardiac OT Equipment

Handling the opportunities right, Medinnova’s Sales Team works tirelessly to achieve new milestones with respect to customer retention and business growth. Quality performance of our team starts with a positive attitude and a sense of accountability our team has nurtured over the years. The team is successfully expanding the company’s geographic market presence. We plan for our valued customers’ success and patient safety with the right strategy, well-designed processes, and cutting-edge resources. A satisfied customer is always the right strategy. Eventually, expansion prevails.

Our Cardiac Engineers team has worked diligently for the ideal utilization of Heart-lung, Heater-cooler, and IABP machine, ready to be dispatched to Europe. They have adhered to all standard guidelines and followed safety protocols to make sure every critical care equipment, to be dispatched in a streamlined manner, contributes to enhanced and safe patient care. The team of Cardiac Engineers and Production In-charge have done wonderful work and made this possible. Our interesting journey has helped us to master analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving abilities and thus strengthened our willingness to exhibit resourcefulness to provide prompt, powerful, and custom equipment assistance.


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