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Based on the High Definition , Signa HDxt 1.5T, Optima* Edition encourages you convey conclusive judgments in your most difficult tests. Another arrangement of cutting edge clinical applications offer extraordinary execution upgraded with life systems explicit parts that take precision and assurance to a new level.

  • Features

The Signa HDxt 1.5T gives you trend setting innovation, Such as

A demonstrated, homogeneous 1.5T magnet conveying a full 48cm field of view.

16-channel RF.

HD gradients designed for high-constancy to deliver high precision waveforms.

HD Reconstruction built for ongoing, elite picture age.

Propelled, superior quality applications, like Cube and IDEAL that assistance convey pictures with premium quality and clearness.

High-Density coils designed with loop components that are enhanced for the life structures and test.

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