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The easy to use interface limits preparing time. Progressed clinical programming applications offer upgraded precision and assurance. Furthermore, the Signa HDxt ensures speculation by enabling you to all the more effectively grow your capacities with new exhibits and applications—even redesign the stage without supplanting the magnet.

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Signa HDxt 3.0T MR which Engineered for High Definition delivers comprehensive and advanced 3.0T whole-body imaging for the full range of clinical applications.

The Signa HDxt 3.0T is engineered from end-to-end to let you see more. With GE's high-density coils, data acceleration technology, and high-definition applications optimized for each anatomical area and engineered to work with the system's premium performance components

Signa HDxt 3.0T MR Built for Longevity, can deliver images with excellent contrast and clarity.

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