Arrow ACAT™ 2 Wave®Intra Aortic Balloon Pump

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Product Description

Arrow AutoCAT 2 Wave Converts the highly accurate arterial pressure from the fiber optic IAB catheter,to Aortic Flow on a beat-to-beat basis. Proprietary WAVE technology automatically inflates IAB to coincide with aortic valve closure. In the presence of an arrhythmia, initiates realtime, automatic R-wave deflation.

  • Features

Aortic Flow timing delivers the first truly intra-beat timing system based on individual patient physiology and virtually eliminating timing errors no matter how erratic the arrhythmia is.

2 modes of operation: Operator and AutoPilot.

One button start-up.

Full color display with fast inflation and deflation speeds.

Bellows / Stepper motor pneumatics with no maintenance required.

Automatic scaling of ECG and pressures.

Bright, clean display of all parameters, included assisted and unassisted pressures.

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