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A CUSA Facility has been established by Medinnova at Metro Hospital, Faridabad for the performance of Liver Transplant Surgery.
Oct 07, 2021 0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that CUSA Excel, a critical medical device, has been introduced to the largest inventory of equipment and parts, in the category of Neurosurgery, at Medinnova. A CUSA facility has been established at Metro Hospital, Faridabad for the performance of liver transplant surgery. Every procedure, process and step was planned along with lines of COVID-19 protocols. TrainedBiomedical EngineerfromMedinnova attended the surgery to ensure CUSA Excel system efficiently aids the surgery. The entire team of Doctors is satisfied with the service provided by Medinnova, including after-sale support.

The Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator –

This medical device is an ultrasonic surgical aspirator system that allows a surgeon to remove tissue selectively. The system performs three functions: fragmentation, irrigation, and aspiration. CUSA generates ultrasonic waves in order to produce tissue cavitation. It plays an instrumental role in treating tissues with weak intracellular bonds as well as high water content. It is used in living donor transplantation.It has gained wide acceptance from various other medical specialties apart from Neurosurgery.

Medinnova Follows Comprehensive Refurbishment Process

After the machine is received, all technical aspects are examined carefully. The team of Biomedical Engineers checks manifold tubing irrigation and suction tubing. As per the requirements, Tips and other accessories are selected. The refurbishment team works on manifold tubing, contamination guard, and water container so as to assess every technical aspect, including its function and identify error, if any. From temperature, footswitch, internal filters, roller motor, tip to tubing, everything is cleaned using healthcare industry-approved saline. Prime test is performed. It is only after a well-designed, proven and tested refurbishment process, involving electrical safety test and functional test, is completed, the machine is installed at the hospital. Professional refurbishment, cleaning and sterilization of the CUSA system in accordance with the instructions, safety guidelines, and user notes features in the Operator’s Manual, is essential to proper operationsof the system.

Medinnova continues to live its vision of facilitating well-timed and safe healthcare with comprehensive medical equipment support including service and maintenance. Connect with our team today for more information on +91- 99251 86973 or email us on sales@medinnovasystems.com